Are we over the scam called Ye(ah He)lp?

Its not 2008 any more, there are companies built on trends and hype, the pandemic has really taught the real value for these.

Remember Yelp? they said no to Google for acquisition instead launched an attack against giants and got every small companies together , shaped future for a lot of small players.

How many times have you seen Yelp bullying small shoppers? Whats the business model , you write review and they get to decide the ratings and share with all — in between pump up money from advertisements.

Now they’ve started deliveries , once I was speaking to a Yelper in Arizona and was so impressed by the sheer pride! Giants bowed down to Yelp, and the tech is greater than google even not built any server or database or Cloud. And that her Manager’s have told it to be USD 40 Bn in a year! And they fire people when they complain on the low wages, and pay the content writers to add on news and stay in the bubble.

Back in the day, early 50’s of America when we were all building something roads and industries. Now, here we are investing in companies preying on my review? And claiming to be a giant and still fronting fight against biggies ironically.

Fellow Americans the pandemic has awakened us to real things, may be gardening, long walks or spending time with family.




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